K-12 "Infused Uses"


Book Reviews (Language Arts; YouTube) [Summary]

Water Cycle (Science; YouTube) [Summary]

Middle School

Buffelgrass Shall Perish (Science; Facebook, YouTube) [Summary]

Facebook as an Instructional Technology Tool (English; Facebook) [Summary]

Weebly Example Sites for Teachers and Students (Summary) [contributed by Julie]

High School

Hamlet (English; Twitter, Facebook, Skype) [Summary]

High School Marching Band (Music; Springpad) [contributed by Anna]

Biology Current Events [Summary] [contributed by Anne]

College/University "Infused Uses"


50 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom (Various disciplines; Twitter) [Summary]

Twitter in the Classroom (History; Twitter) [Summary]

Dr. Barber's European Integration course wiki (History, Political Science, Education; wiki) [Wiki about this wiki]

Peer-to-Peer Visual Work Critique (Art, Graphics; Pinterest) [contributed by Kelly]

University Orientation (New Student Orientation; Springpad) [contributed by Anna]

Tracking Discussions with TweetDeck (History; TweetDeck) [More information from the professor]

Online Presentation Tool with Collaboration Feature (Various disciplines; Sliderocket) [contributed by Ma,Hua]


Dr. Eddy's Community College Overview course wiki (Higher Education; wiki)

Dr. Eddy's Organization & Governance course notes wiki (Higher Education; wiki)

Mendeley at the Graduate Level (research; collaboration; Mendeley) [contributed by Diana]

Professional Development "Infused Uses"

Ideas for Instructors Using a Social Media Manager (e.g., Tweetdeck; HootSuite) [All levels; Twitter, Facebook, Tweetdeck, HootSuite]